X-ERT Fitness

X-ERT is a high energy fitness program designed to increase overall strength and performance. While scalable to any level, our progressive 4 week boot camps will challenge even the most seasoned fitness expert. With workouts that systematically ramp up in intensity each week, X-ERT classes will have you dragging sleds, flipping heavy tires, and swinging kettle bells and sledge hammers. You will build functional strength and stamina, trim down, and have fun doing it. Combined with our team of leading health and nutrition professionals, X-ERT will help you reach your maximum potential.

Whether you’re seeking that perfect 10 physique, an elite student athlete, training for an MMA battle or seeking to attain your peak performance level at the next Tough Mudder competition, X-ERT boot camps are designed to get you there. Only 1 question remains…. DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?